24 April 2015 / By John Blatchford
We entered the Globe Furniture Building this morning not entirely sure what to expect. We knew that we were there to officially join the very first People's Liberty project grant cohort and that we would be signing our life away in front of a small group. We knew the program, had gathered intel on the other projects and knew that it would be a great and important day for all of us. But we didn't know exactly how things would play out and with so much on the line, nerves were naturally at play. What we found far exceeded anything we could have hoped for. It quickly became apparent to us that People's Liberty is the sort of organization that reminds you why you fell in love with Cincinnati in the first place. Their building is impossibly well-designed. Their furniture almost exclusively manufactured or bought in Cincinnati. Their message was clear: "change the city, start something meaningful, impact the most people in the greatest way." And each person involved with PL seemed to be thanking us more than we could even thank them. It was smiles all around and inspirational on every level. We happily join 7 other dreamers which are a reflection of the broader PL dream. We look forward to working together with them and seeing what they can come up with to make our city better. With 10 months and $10,000, we're excited to get started. Thank you People's Liberty and all of the good people that have made it possible. We look forward to our journey together.
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John Blatchford

John Blatchford is the founder of Kunst, a general contractor and board member of the Over the Rhine Museum. He currently lives in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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