12 March 2015 / By John Blatchford


KUNST began in 2015 as a way to honor the people building cool things. With hundreds of buildings under development in Cincinnati, we hope to shed light on projects that are honoring the artistry and craftsmanship that made this city what it is today. We will highlight craftsman, developers and builders. We will respect good interior design, architecture and construction. We will tell the current story of Cincinnati that is bursting behind the scenes but which has not been fully exposed to the public. We will do this in two main ways:


We will print 4 periodicals a year (a sexy, primarily long-form magazine) which will be flush with photos and stories of those with their hands in rebuilding the city.  


Our online site (you're here!) will feature more information from our periodical including interview audio, video of ongoing projects and additional stories that just won't fit in a quarterly print format.  


Thanks for your interest and patience as we get this thing up and running. We plan to have more for you very soon.
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John Blatchford

John Blatchford is the founder of Kunst, a general contractor and board member of the Over the Rhine Museum. He currently lives in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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