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Words: Alyssa McClanahan / Photos: Jon Medina

In this second issue of Kunst, we follow Rob and Luke Bennett of the design, development and construction company Karvoto. These two brothers from Franklin, Kentucky, have been craftsmen and businessmen since their teenage years. Never ones to shy away from new skills or challenges, they know woodworking, construction, real estate and development. Their diversity of work—that they can “reinvent themselves”—showcases their evolution as successful entrepreneurs and their belief that craftsmanship means unabashed and evolving creativity.

Interview: John Blatchford & Alyssa McClanahan / Photos: Natalie Jenkins & Jon Medina

Kunst sits down with Brush Factory’s co-founders in this second edition. After designing items for mostly commercial and professional spaces, Brush Factory—a local custom furniture company run by Hayes Shanesy and Rosie Kovacs—has just premiered its first collection of handcrafted, solid hardwood furniture for the home, known as bff. We wanted to hear more about their company’s evolution and their ideas about craftsmanship and how it works in the modern world.

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